We strongly believe the Maldives is the best choice.

Welcome to diving paradise!



There are a lot of opportunities to have a really good diving experience in the Maldives, but we will be pleased to see you in our diving center as we truly care about each diver.

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, we will show you the real beauty of the Maldives’ underwater world.



You can see manta all year round, and you know how crazy some people are about these huge creatures.

We can bring you to the dive site where you can see tiger sharks and bull sharks.

We hope luck will be with you and together we will see a whale shark.

We will not only show you small nudibranches and pipefish, but we can also tell you a lot about underwater marine life of turtles, sharks, fish (what they eat, how to identify the species, the reproduction process and etc.).

We will show you not only underwater life, but also the Maldivian lifestyle.

We have access to 34 dive sites for all levels of experience